The following recommendations and testimonials are extracted from Michael Duff’s LinkedIn profile.

Michael is one of those optimistic and enthusiastic consultants that is a pleasure to work with. He develops a great relationship with clients. He was also willing to jump into any project large or small with gusto. He is a great asset to any team. Did I also mention he speaks Spanish?

Customer Experience Executive – Global Thought Leader


Michael has truly proven to be an expert in both call centre optimization and change management strategies. He is a hardworking, dedicated individual who strives to exceed his clients’ expectations each and every time. Michael is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Business Strategist and Organisational Change Expert – Global Expert


Michael is a highly astute and dedicated team player. He transformed the performance of our support teams with a complete restructure starting with the commercial agreements and SLA objectives, through to detailed operating processes, training and team building. If you get the chance to work with Michael then grab it.

Founder and CEO – Web-based Solutions


Michael and I worked in the UK, Australia, and many places in between, most recently in Northern Europe addressing Customer Care strategy for a national telecommunications provider.
Michael is experienced, knowledgeable, and professional – better still he is easy to work with and I know that on any engagement I can fully trust him to deliver and to enhance the quality of the engagement.
He has consistently drawn praise from clients and colleagues alike.

CEO and Digital Strategist – Web-based Solutions


Michael is an excellent and focused business consultant with considerable knowledge and impact across a wide range of disciplines. I’ve worked with him on several engagements and would recommend him as a strong and capable individual.

Equity Partner – Top 4 Consultancy Firm


Michael fulfilled both national and international roles and worked with blue-chip clients across the EMEA region I worked with Michael during this time and he repeatedly demonstrated that he is one of the most dedicated, professional, committed managers I have had the pleasure to work with.

He has a wide and varied skill set and has worked with complex technologies, organisations and processes and with exceptionally demanding clients, over the course of many projects. Representing the business, he had to form close bonds with both internal and external clients to capture their business requirements, manage projects to fruition and recommend improved ways of working whether process orientated or as a result of the technical constraints.

Business Lead – Financial Services


Michael and I have worked together on a variety of projects and programmes – none of which stick out like the first. We were both engaged and leading unique streams of work for nearly 6 months to support a customer through a complex business and systems transformation. From that moment on, I looked forward to working with Michael any chance I got. During the first project, Michael proved to be dedicated, driven and highly focused on providing customers and colleagues his very best. He was attentive, yet unassuming in his style of leadership allowing for a comfortable personal and professional relationship with his colleagues. These traits he has never lost.

Regional Group Director – Digital Consultancy


Michael is a truly professional multi-lingual expert in a number of highly complex business areas. Michael is a real people person who takes the lead and delivers excellent results every time.
I cannot recommend Michael highly enough on both a personal and professional basis. He gives it his all every time and always delivers excellent results beyond internal and external customers’ expectations.

Director Managed Services – IT Services


I always found Michael to be very professional and a pleasure to work alongside. He is methodical with a great eye for the finer detail and always demonstrated an exemplary understanding of the market place and its continually changing dynamic, thus enabling process change that ensured positive business evolution.

Service Delivery Manager – Internet Start Up


I had the pleasure to work with Michael for 3 months on a project at a mobile operator in Ireland. He is a very professional consultant and is always delivering the best results. He always strives to keep customer satisfaction on the highest level. I’ve really enjoyed the time with him.

Business Partner – German Telecom Provider


I’ve worked with Michael in recent years and have found his great capacity to investigate and generate documents of enormous value to the customer. His dedication to the task and how he communicates his ideas immediately generates a climate of trust and security that facilitates the achievement of objectives. Michael has been for me, a key partner in the most critical times during recent projects and I’m grateful that he has been able to share the development of ideas of great value to our company.
But most important of all is the way that Michael creates an effective working environment with peers and with the client. This produces a climate of collaboration and respect coupled with his professional experience make him an excellent consultant

Organisational Consulting Professional – Global Consulting


It was a great pleasure to work with Michael, who was my line manager during my first phase working for Cable & Wireless/Bulldog Communications. Michael has got great sense of responsibility, dedication, enthusiasm and fairness. He develops strong relationships easily, is very customer focused and is excellent at motivating people in different teams. Michael is an experienced professional in his area and has got my recommendation.

Global Head of Planning and Business Intelligence – Financial Services


Michael built a strong team to manage all aspects of operational support and improvement. During the time that Michael worked with me, I found him to be customer centric, pragmatic and focused on achieving real business benefits. I would recommend Michael for all aspects of contact centre improvement work.

Transformation Lead in Customer Experience – Global Consulting


Michael works in a competent and professional manner at all times. He understands the need and urgency to focus and build around the customer in any industry.

Client Services Director – Digital Consultancy



I worked closely with Michael for 2 years and his attention to detail and incredible work ethic made my job much easier. I relied on the accurate and timely information that Michael provided in order to manage my own tasks and people. Michael is a highly professional but very approachable work colleague and I wouldn’t hesitate to work in a team with him again.

EMEA Training Manager – Global Software Organisation


Michael developed and successfully implemented ISO 9000 at my Dublin contact centre and later brought in a certification and continuous improvement programme. Michael has great customer management and contact centre skills and knowledge that were very beneficial in our corporate and client strategies. His operational background means he is as comfortable in discussions with the board as he is with agents on the floor.

CEO – Contact Centre Outsourcing


Michael is an extremely diligent and capable individual who is able to apply himself to varied roles and come up with the best results in all. Michael was also always able to generate a smile when levity was required during difficult projects. He was a pleasure to work with, look forward to working with him again soon.

SVP – Contact Centre Outsourcing


I first worked with Michael in Brussels during a UAT for an in-house software design. He is an extremely quick minded individual who is great fun to work with. From there we worked together in the UK for a number of years in what was a challenging situation primarily involved in change processes and ISO implementation. Michael is an interesting and dynamic guy who I would recommend to any company looking for a sharp eye for detail, keen intellect and with a great sense of humour (which is always a bonus when times get tough!).

Senior Leader – Programme Delivery


I had the pleasure of working with Michael for a couple of years. He was exceptionally thorough and meticulous in his work and involved all the right people to get the job done. I have no hesitation in recommending Michael. He is a true professional and due to his sense of humour great fun to work with too.

Global Manager – International Airline