Commitment through Communications

A communications plan as part of the Change Management approach should be prepared and approved for each project or release aligned to the master communications plan at a programme level. Each phase will deliver a number of messages to the associated stakeholders to support the objectives for that project, release or phase. At the end of each phase and at key milestones within each phase, the Business Change team will assess the effectiveness of the communications and act accordingly.

Stakeholder engagement and communications management go hand-in-hand on any successful change programme. And no change strategy would be complete without a curve. The curve below has been adapted over many year of experience with customers going through change.

Communications management is a key mechanism in achieving stakeholder commitment. In developing and delivering communications, consideration to stakeholder positions on the curve is taken into account to deliver a message that will support the movement of stakeholders through the curve towards commitment.

In one simple diagram this stakeholder commitment curve highlights the training aspects on the right axis. It shows the communication phases at the top and the project phases at the bottom. The stakeholder commitment rises gradually from bottom left to top right. This, of course, is not a rigid plan, it must be used for guidance and some people will need to go back to try and understand more while others will have a longer and slower rise. Not everyone will reach “Internalisation” and success can be measured on how many stakeholders are committed to the change.


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