Stakeholder Committment

At the heart of stakeholder engagement is the involvement of certain stakeholders in the development and implementation of the programme. Involving stakeholders appropriately in the programme will assist the business change team to develop ownership of, and commitment to, the solution. Key strategies for developing commitment among stakeholders include:

  • The development of awareness and understanding of the benefits to the client organisation as a whole through planned and managed communications.
  • Face-to-face contact with particular stakeholders (e.g. Sponsors, Champions or departmental heads) on a regular basis. Venues for these are the governance meetings and Change Champions Forum.
  • The programme office and business change team should regularly link up to align and prioritise the most critical items for progress reporting, intervention and communication.
  • Involvement at key stages of the programme with particular stakeholders to develop ownership and commitment to the solution.
  • The development of two-way communication between all stakeholders and the Programme. It is important to listen to stakeholders and take the necessary action, not just disseminate information.

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